Dr Rob Lavis – Group Medical Director

Day 3

Today we spent another fruitful morning at the AI stands.

We spoke with TeraRecon about their move into the AI marketplace with a platform that allows access to multiple algorithms from multiple providers. We also discussed new software releases for 2024 where they will launch a new CMR package with enhanced capabilities.

At Circle Cardiovascular Imaging, we viewed their AI enabled cardiac MR and CT packages available on a pay per click, subscription or floating licence agreement. They described easy PACS integration and enhanced workflow with reduced user clicks and automated processing in 20s (GPU) or 2 minutes (CPU) for the CMR package. Dr Timothy Albert, CMO, gave a great talk about the products at the AI theatre.

We caught up with some old colleagues at Collective Minds and MediMaps. We then spent time with the team at Flywheel. They provide an end to end data management and curation platform aimed at facilitating faster workflows in research and development.

After a Greek lunch at the conference dining facility, we signed out and headed for O’Hare airport to go our various ways.

In summary, there is no doubt AI is here to stay and looks set to make huge impacts on workflow efficiencies and reporter experiences. Whilst at Heathrow airport I was politely asked to move aside for an R2-D2 style floor cleaner that then thanked me for my cooperation and moved on. A little bit iRobot and slightly disconcerting. I do not see radiology AI replacing radiologists. I do see it assisting in the growing deficit between imaging growth and radiologist numbers.

So long Chicago and thank you for the memories, the networking opportunities, the knowledge expansion, the music and the pizza!