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What is DXA?

A DXA (Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry) scan is also often referred to as a Bone Mineral Density test (BMD) or bone densitometry. It is widely used in the diagnosis of Osteoporosis. Osteoporosis can affect the strength/thickness of bones which can make them fragile and susceptible to fractures. A DXA scan is used to measure bone mineral density and to estimate the risk of fracture.

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We can organise a scan for you as long as your Doctor thinks it’s necessary. Please ask your doctor for a referral letter before booking your scan. Unfortunately we cannot process your booking request without a referral from your doctor.

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Price List

Scans Scan type RRP per scan
DXA 1 part €80

Frequently asked questions

You can eat and drink as normal before the scan. You can also continue to take all your prescribed medication as normal. Please do not take any calcium supplements on the day of your scan.

Avoid wearing clothes with metal (including a bra with an underwire or clasp, zips, studs and metallic buttons). This will negate the need to wear a hospital gown. Please note that any bras containing metal clasps or a metal underwire will have to be removed.

You will be lying on the DXA table, on your back. A scanner arm will pass over the area of interest. It is important to lie still during each scan. You can breathe normally throughout the procedure.

It is a painless, non-invasive procedure.

The scan will take approximately 10-15 minutes.

A CORU state registered radiographer will perform the DXA examination.

A report will be sent to the doctor who referred you for the scan.


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