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Providing safe, timely and responsive reporting to manage your backlogs and key elective performance targets.

Our patient focused reporting service has been designed with clinical excellence and patient care at the heart. Our service offers the full equivalence to in-house reporting, using experienced IMC consultant radiologists, for X-ray, CT and MRI.

Fast turnaround times


years successful delivery


public and private hospitals

What you can expect from Medica

Quality assurance

Detailed quality assurance process to monitor the standard of reporting.

Access to a large team of experienced radiologists

Guaranteed direct access to an experienced emergency IMC consultant radiologist 24/7/365

Innovative, bespoke solutions

Direct access to the National Health Network and live time reporting directly on NIMIS or your equivalent system.

Fast turnaround times

Reports provided reliably within agreed and clinically appropriate timeframes.

Capacity to meet your needs

Access to a large team of IMC consultant radiologists, providing the reporting you need, when you need it.

Safe communication process for significant results

Communication of critical, urgent and clinically significant results using a closed loop process.

Access to patient information

Reports made with access to all wider patient information, reports and imaging.

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“An extremely robust, reliable, quality driven and cost effective solution in place for our patients, our hospital and the GP community we serve.”

Ennis General Hospital

Medica partners with Ennis General Hospital and over 35 other public and private hospitals to provide quality assured radiology reporting and diagnostic solutions.

Our Quality Assurance

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Emergency reporting 24/7


Managed services

Our solutions include Imaging Services, Managed Equipment Provision and Waiting List Initiatives.