In an exciting development for the world of swimming, Medica Ireland is delighted to announce its sponsorship of the exceptional talent, Brandon Biss, as part of Swim Ireland’s Adopt an Athlete program.

Transitioning to his swimming journey, Brandon, who began at the age of 8, has evolved into a prominent figure in the sport, fueled by his passion for the unique challenges it presents. Noteworthy accomplishments include securing silver and bronze medals while representing Northern Ireland at the Commonwealth Youth Games in Trinidad. Furthermore, his recent achievement includes setting a personal best time of 1:57:65 in the 200m backstroke at the Irish national championships.

Expressing his dedication both in and out of the pool, Brandon shares, “I’ve always loved swimming thanks to the physical and mental challenges it brings me. My goal in swimming is to make the Olympics. Beyond the sport, I work a part-time job and run an online business.”

Currently, Brandon is immersed in full-time training with Camden Swim Club, receiving invaluable support from the National Centre Ulster. This comprehensive support encompasses elite training, competitive opportunities, and participation in a warm-weather training camp in Capetown, South Africa, scheduled from 9th-19th February.

Facilitating Brandon’s development, the National Centre Ulster also provides training and testing opportunities in Bangor. Moreover, the centre has invested in an athlete house, ensuring affordable accommodation for athletes like Brandon when they are part of the program.

Caroline Byrne, Managing Director of Medica Ireland, expresses the company’s commitment, stating, “We are not just investing in Brandon’s swimming journey; we are investing in his dreams and aspirations. Medica Ireland is proud to support such a dedicated and promising athlete.”

As Brandon sets his sights on the ultimate goal of making it to the Olympics, Medica Ireland eagerly anticipates being a part of his journey, looking forward to witnessing Brandon’s continued success and achievements, both in and out of the pool. Stay tuned for updates on Brandon Biss’s inspiring journey as he makes waves in the world of competitive swimming!