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Dr Jonathan Richenberg

Medical Director

Dr Jonathan Richenberg MA Biochem (Cantab), BM Bch (Oxon), MRCP (London), FRCR (London), Hon. Sen Lect (BSMS) has been a consultant diagnostic and interventional radiologist in Brighton at Sussex university Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust since 1999. In this time, he has been chief of the central clinical service division responsible for (among other things) imaging, pathology and cancer services in a large multi-site tertiary medical facility. Jonathan then went on to concentrate on QA and governance in imaging and imaging services working with NICE, Quality Standards Advisory Committees and European Radiology Societies in the specialties of urogenital and gynaecological medicine. In September 2021, he was the chief diagnostic officer for Rutherford Health PLC, working with the diagnostic and governance teams to put quality and consistency at the heart of the patient experience for those using Rutherford centres (there were five in the UK) for diagnostics.